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Meet 21 Accents

At 21 Accents we are dedicated to empowering individuals to expand their authentic expression through new accents, dialects and tools.

Everyone has an accent.

There is no hierarchy. No better. No worse.

Nothing to "reduce". But we can Add to the ways you express yourself authentically - whether in a presentation, a meeting, a film or at home.

We acknowledge the inherent racism of White people creating "Standard" accents that were patterned after a few privileged White people many decades ago, and perpetuating that "Standard" as if there's such a thing as "best", and as if that was it. We apologize that we used to use the word "Standard", before we realized it implied "better." It is not better.

We are committed to dismantling racism and discrimination in ourselves and our world. Here at 21 Accents, we do that by being open about the origins of the accents we teach, so you can make informed decisions; and as always, by not teaching dialects whose origins our own skin color or ethnicity does not represent. 

Whereas everyone can learn what we call "General" accents, such as General American, General UK (and "Regional" accents that are not BIPOC-specific); and whereas people of all ethnicities speak in these accents, they are not better, or more "correct" than BIPOC-specific ways of speaking. 


It is with care and respect that we support your learning of new accents and communication tools. It's fun! And might make it easier for you to express yourself authentically in new ways.

It's like getting a whole new wardrobe - for your voice!


But please know that there is nothing wrong with you, or how you express yourself. If anyone has judged you because of how you talk, they are wrong to do so. It will not happen here. You are incredible as you are, right now. The world needs YOU. Shine on.


With love,

The 21 Accents Team 

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Amy is a sheer delight to work with! Her ‘amiable’ nature and intuitive teaching style make working with dialects both an entertaining and natural experience. I look forward to training with her again and again in the future!

Mara Junot, Voice-Over specialist


Our Offers

A General
American Accent Course


Give yourself a strong foundation to add to your toolbox of US accents with our easy-to-follow Course, hosted by Teachable.



Starting at $50

Book a one-on-one private online session with one of our world-class Coaches.  Using the 21 Accents' kinesthetic and multi-sensory approach, you'll be hitting your goals in no time.


Starting at $50

From singing, acting, impressions to voice-over, we've got you covered.



Tailored to your needs.

In every industry, clear communication is essential. We will tailor a package to suit your needs, whether you're a family operation or multi-national corporation.  

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