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Amy Walker, Master Coach, CEO and Founder

An actress/singer/songwriter since the

highchair, learning authentic accents has

always been part of Amy’s craft.

Since high school, directors have often asked her to coach her fellow actors on set; and after the viral success of her 21 Accents video in 2008, she began offering free video tips on YouTube and coaching students around the globe through private sessions and workshops, with exceptional results.

Over the years, Amy has developed a method that is unique in the world, with multi-sensory, fun techniques that are adaptable to all learning styles.


Since 2012, she has been passing on these techniques to her protégé, Chief Training Officer Alex Brown, and now to a new team of Coaches who can offer this work to an ever-wider audience. With over 40 million views online, the success of her work and videos landed her on the TODAY Show, NPR, TED Talks, Inside Edition, and more.  

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Alex Brown, CTO and Coach

Alex is an actor, singer and voice coach.

Born in Spain, he moved to The United

States at the age of 15. After living

in both Los Angeles and NYC, his desire

to blend in and be able to sound American brought him to work with Amy Walker. After years of intensive training with her, he started coaching students on the Standard American Accent through 21Accents.com.

He has since taught over 200 private students and over 2500 hours of sessions. He is also a certified ESL/ESOL teacher and has taught English overseas in Spain and Germany, as well as in the United States. Alex is an Alumnus of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and currently splits his time between Los Angeles and Madrid.

Learn more about Alex and his acting work: www.alexsorianbrown.com

Kate Thurkle, Coach

Kate is an actress, singer, writer, and voice


Originally from Melbourne, Australia,

Kate moved to The United States to

further her academic studies in Acting

and Performance at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.


Now a graduate, Kate is dedicated to sharing her passion for voice work and dialect training as she herself loves how the 21Accents’ teaching method can allow you to reveal your inner potential to be a multi-faceted individual.


Receiving her ATCL, and beginning her LTCL, in Speech and Drama from Trinity College London plus months of working with Amy, Kate has dedicated her time to honing her vocal apparatus and refining her American accent to be able to not only use it in her acting career but also teach it. She has been with 21Accents for two years and continuously pushes everyone around her to succeed, no matter where they are in life, to grow into the beautiful people they always knew they were. 

Ian M. Walker, Administrator and Voice Artist

Ian is an editor, Administrator and social

media manager for 21 Accents and he is

a Voice Artist.

He was born and raised in Wallasey, across the river from Liverpool in England.  Residing in Los Angeles for many years, most of his career journey has involved working in corporate I.T. 


Through his Walker’s Words company he has helped authors with their editing and clients with their social media setup and presence.  After meeting Amy at her one-woman show he started helping out 21 Accents and then became our administrator!


As a Voice Artist, he has narrated audiobooks, created voices for computer games and an introduction on a password manager website.  He is excited at the prospect of voice work for animation and computer games. 

Learn more about Ian:


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The 21 Accents Creed



If you are part of our family then you likely already know the following.  If you are just finding us, then we’d like to tell you about ourselves.


We have always been champions of keeping the aspects of yourself which make you, you.  That is why we won’t say “remove your accent” but rather “add to your toolbox of accents”.  We apply this thinking to all aspects of a person be it ethnicity, sexuality or whatever distinguishing feature you recognize about yourself.


All of us share a passion for equality, fair treatment and the health of the planet.  It is one of the prime factors we look for in people who approach us about being part of the team.  We have never advertised for team members but now and then people do ask.  All we care about is that they are of the same mindset, will learn and teach our methods and are kind people.  Of course, existing qualifications also help! 

Each of us has marched, protested or advocated online for the likes of Animal Rights, BLM, LGBT+ rights and environmental concerns.  We carry that caring with us in our everyday life and work.

If you would like to learn more or join in on the conversation we've started, there are two new videos up on our channel.  One is Bias In Standard Accents and explains our decision to rename our Course.  The other is Amy's own #MyAccent video. :)

We'd love to hear your thoughts and/or experience.


As our Founder, Amy says, “We are all connected”.